Mini tree houses for all lol

Ok so here is a level containing all sorts of little mini tree houses
I have (made / assembled)…

They were inspired when I was walking…well wondering aimlessly around
Graal Classic Online many years ago I stumbled upon a house far up-up-up
in a forest level kinda tucked away so to say it looked like one of these, so
that kinda stuck with me.

Sadly there was no house inside ie. door was locked

Walking down nastagia lane has been fun and did some inventing too

Hey now I can say I’ve accualy posted and contributed, Forum wise that is…
Something useful for you all.

sniff sniff oooh tearing up here, it’s like I’m part of the family now…
Beholder?..can I have my own room on bomber?

Link is Below
Right click… save target as… place were needed… you understand


Look at my signature. I don’t even have one ( I hear you need 1600 coins and the ability to get Beholder to move his ass :whatever: )

I hear you need patience and a flexible neck.


Sooo have you two checked out this level I worked hard on
or has this thread become just about Beholder?

Eh…It’s severely lacking…

Only I have these things. And it still doesn’t always work.


um… it was never acctualy inteded as a level

I’t was never acctualy a level ment to be for played use…though you can
I posted it here because it is a level format not just a pic.
sort of a level image dump

And this way all you’d need to do is open up editor 2.22 open this lvl
open up a level your editing for yourself… copy and paist any of these tree houses to be used in your own level.

You knew that I know… i know, just wanted to clearify

I understand that fact and they’re nice but they’re also very simple and quite cliche.
Your work is not bad, only unappreciated considering the facts!

Everyone around here is tired of the same old thing. I’m sure the standard door tile alone makes a large amount of them shudder.

Try and make things no one has seen before, however don’t stop posting anything you make that serves at least a simple purpose. It serves as milestones of your progress.

Threads are gonna derail on here until… uhm… hmm…

Threads are gonna derail on here.

just change out the door

Just change out the door it is ok it is totaly modifiable
no strings attached the level sign in the corner talks about all that.

I ownly have the basic images from the download and I wanted to share how
much tweaking could be done just using the old tile sets. and they still be
funtional too.

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LOL I geuss that could be my server name Cliche Server on Graal Reborn:P


me next

goddamnit find new images

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tthat was no reason to ban me tho

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What’s a Sunami? Anywho, valiant effort on the tree houses, it’s good to experiment with tiles, but with houses you almost need to draw up new ones to match the tileset to get anywhere.