I can’t decide which to use. The one with transparency for the water looks weird when it’s used, and the one with water is pretty intrusive.


I use the style on the left for Waffles.

I always liked having transparent mini maps.

maybe a semi-transparent whole map, not just the edges.

Semi-Transparent would require an Alpha Map (Which we do not have access to) except in 3 cases.

Yee old Translucent method, where you make diagonals transparent.
An entirely scripted minimap system- Or.

Get a minimap image, make an invisible image of the same size.
Set the invisible image as your minimap, get a script, place the visible minimap image in a script to where the minimap was shown, on layer 4 and make it translucent there.

I should do that sometime if I’m not remaking the whole damn thing. ;O

minimaps ugh!! if they are handmade they are a pain in the ASS! lol well the detailed ones anyway when i worked on regular pc graal i had to do that it took me forever! then the co-owner went insane and fired everyone hahaha i deleted the map right before he could get it :smiley: arn’t i mean? and um the one on the left is better

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Testing the transperincy

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http://Lava Mask” What…?

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