More of a Classic Feel

But you are, so fuck off.

We all want things
I want to be an ecologist, but I’m allergic to pollen.

Calm the fuck down, Noob. Yes, I’d like my posts back, but I’m not angry about it.


Playful swearing?

looks good. hope it’s fun. good job.

I want to visit Africa but I’m racist!
I want to visit Isreal but I’m german!
I want to visit France but I don’t have a gun to shoot Unixmad.

and btw i am now getting immunized so i can become an ecologist

oh my god the not funny levels are rising so fast it’s not funny

Swearing at Joey is a sport.

but Spoooning isn’t

Spooning is an art, Spoooning is a made up word, Spooon is a person.

And spoons are what I use to eat my breakfast, even if it is waffles.

What? Why?

Dunno’. :shrug:

Actually, the level’s alot better than our sodding bickering. No, seriously! We suck because we’re humans.

I think its ok… It could be better :confused: