Multi-Core systems

I’ve noticed when doing things with Graal and the Editor, that they only work on 1 of my 4 cores… Anyway to force it to use more?

Yay multitasking!

Sounds like a load of bullshit to me.

Use the special edition of Graal…


Then you can use (approx) 3.7+ corez for multitasking.


Yeah, I kid you not.

Its just a version I modified so it doesn’t max out the cpu

What did you modify? I’m always worried to run an exe someone else modified.

I believe he altered the frequency that Graal calls for a sleep command.

So it works and not some weird little virus thing? Sorry I’m new to this forum and dont know many people.

Don’t worry, hes credible.

Thanks Beholder

Started it up, only server list I can see are those on the front tab, Graal Reborn

Ignore the stupid rumors about us. We won’t give you viruses.

Yeah, all I did was open it in OllyDbg and replace a useless bounds checking method with my simple sleep one.

hmm, when I was editing the .exe (back in the day when Graal Reborn only had 1 or 2 servers) I decided the second tab wasn’t needed, plus I was unable to make it look good with it in.
I might have to put that tab back in at some point.

If you could that would be great

What would it take to get a server listed as Gold? :slight_smile:

Rename it to Graal Reborn and make it good :smiley:

Can be the new GR official one lol

Sounds pretty complex. I’m pretty sure you guys are programming in C or C++ ? I dont know if there are maybe independent tools or services that I can help you with as a .Net Programmer in C#

There in lies the problem. ;D

lol, well if there is ever anything I can do to help, let me know please.

Flying to Sweden with intents of bondage and intoxication; Assuming Nalin can deal with it too. lol