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Hi guys,

I´m very new at Graal and i have a few questions. I wanted to test my server with my sister over Lan. We both have the cracked Graal 2.17b and i´m using GServer Build56. At first, must i copy all the files in levels from the cracked client to world in the GServer Build56? And then i followed the ReadMe.

How-to setup a server:

  1. Under the accounts folder, rename the text file 'YOURACCOUNT.txt' to your account name. For example: 'KuJi.txt'
  2. Modify defaultaccount.txt to your liking. This is the default settings new players will start with.
  3. Open serveroptions.txt and edit the things below “Private-Server Options” to your liking. Help for what these options do are available on the forums.
  4. Find the line that starts with “staff =” in serveroptions.txt. Replace YOURACCOUNT with your account name. Anybody who needs RC access must be added to this line with their account names separated by commas.
  5. Port forward if needed. (Many threads on this topic exist in the forums. If you are having trouble, seek them out.) Basically, if you are behind a router and your computer isn’t set to be the “DMZ”, you will need to port forward.
  6. Run winGserver.exe – enjoy.
  7. Report any bugs on

What I must do with the client to connect at the server?
Making links is enough if you are too lazy :smiley:

Re: Multiplayer Question

Yeah, you'll need to put all the levels/graphics crap in the world folder of the gserver(not sure if you mean't to put a question mark there).

All you'll have to do to the client(if anything) is open up your arrays2.dat in notepad, and make sure it's


Then get her to sign up an account at the forum, you use your forum account to login, and pick your server off the list.

Re: Multiplayer Question

Oh thanks. That helped me alot.