Music Anyone? (Round 2)

I like metal but sadly to me all songs sound the same… I know this one has emo elements but still. Prove me wrong plz.
Adding a song to this post so I don’t break the chain.

Music genres all sounds alike, because that’s the particular style. Then each band takes the style and does their own thing. It all comes down to the bands.

Pantera (Groove Metal genre)

Motorhead (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal)

Slipknot (Non-specific Metal, generally referred to as Nu Metal but they tend to reject the term)

Sumo Cyco (Non-specific Metal, has pieces of funk, punk, metalcore, nu metal)

Pop Evil (Pop Metal, for lack of a better term)

Avenged Sevenfold circa-2001 (Metalcore)

Hopefully this gives you a breakdown of the different styles. I’m sure somebody would disagree with my classifications of the various metals above, but fuck em

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Can you just, like, post one? And if someone, maybe, posts a song that they enjoy you can post another one. I get that you love FFVII and OoT because they were the first games you played that other people didn’t call you a nerd for liking, but we’ve all only heard the songs a million fucking times.

My guess is that he was showing me some metal songs cuz I said I liked metal but it all sounded alike to me. In fact he made me discover that I dislike metal and it’s probably why it all sounds the same to me. I like music though so, to me, SOME metal songs are good… but don’t ask me which, I don’t remember. I think I like Math Metal…?
Here’s one that reminds me of poker:

Btw, spooon, post a song when you reply here. I want to know what you listen to.

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I don’t.

I used to like that song very much.

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I liked this one for a while

I like Dream Theater for one…


Spoon delete that one post ya know and be cool

The sound I’m going for is like avalanche total unload pick your path kinda thing
Sounds like the beginning of

I think I’m going to pay someone to make a star warsified version if that so I can do that, because it seems like music is key to that effect within the game.

Just want to see it in motion and make something underground for the practice of world domiantion or yeah that

Anyway wazup? Allies here? Youtube played this

, kinda liked it, kinda a little woozy off the steel reserve … last one of those… olooking forward to powering up my life ya know, about to be flush with the cash with my web company, which money helps with making video games.

Nuff said

this sound too

fellas this is music

You are correct. There is music in there.