Music anyone


Mmm. Makes me want to replay Awakening.


a nice relaxing tune


been playing lots of Monster Hunter lately
I hate this fucking game but the music is worth it.


I have that game!


nice! How do you like it? I think it’s a giant timesink but it feels good forging a new weapon after farming for the materials.
I’ve logged 200 hours and I’m just about to enter G rank in multi lol


I played for an hour before throwing it in the closet.


I’m only playing it cause I don’t get money for games often so it would be a waste to have it sit there because I don’t like it.





still can’t get over the hype


i cant either but good thing final fantasy comes out next month to keep me busy


ぜんぶ ぜんぶ ぜんぶ!


:cool::cool::cool::cool: 100% filthy


snake is worst/anything but best girl

edit: lol why is it a cover post the real shit nigga


Exactly, Nadeko is shit, but I actually liked her in the earlier parts of the show. I like Kana Hanazawa and I think the original is good, but I think the cover is better.


Nadeko is far from shit. Other than Hachikuji and maybe Shinobu, she’s the most complicated character in the series. Plus her design when she turns into a god is really quite nice. Hanakana’s voice acting when she flipped out on the students in her class was unpredictable. I thought she was only good at being a moeshit voice actor. She should do that more often.

oh god why did you remind me of the second season
all those feels


I haven’t watched second season yet


then whatcha doing linking the otorimonogatari OP man ya tricked me

go watch that shit now



hachikuji and shinobu get mad at each other because shinobu gets a boyfriend.