Music anyone



pretty whacky stuff. I’m liking it so far




On a bit of an FFT music binge while I’m working.



XIV has a lot of comfy music. A lot of people who played at Stormblood’s launch probably don’t have very good memories of this song, but it gives me FFXI vibes:



Just for lols.


Wished they played that in dance clubs!


I forgot about this song. It’s still awesome. Thanks for posting it


Don’t know if this is being murdered on the radio (because I don’t listen to it) but… this was surprisingly good :shrug:


Some of that slower, Brit rap isn’t to bad. Reminds me of the streets a bit.

In my workout playlist, pure anime badassery.


if I spam anime music, will Spooon come back?


i will work on migrating all these youtube tags to discourse acceptable youtubes. give me like a week to write the sql that doesnt break the site.


in the mean time i’ll continue the Spooon summoning ritual



ive discovered a terrible flaw with a massive music thread on discourse. see if you can find it. we may benefit from a music category and have 1 vid per topic.


not seeing it but cool you fixed the previous links