My client version is not allowed on this server?

Some servers are set to not allow the client.
In this instance, you’ll need to use the client.

If you downloaded the Graal Reborn client a long time ago,
you’ll need to re-download the .zip here

Here’s a list of what it contains:

]Remote Control
[]Remote Control 2.0.5 [unpacked]
]Graal Shop [old + new]
[]Level Generators
]Level Gen .Nw+.Txt
[]Level Gen .Graal+.Txt
]Level Gen .Nw+.Gmap
[]Gif2Mng [new]
[]Heads 0~26
]Bodies 0~20
[]Swords 1~4
]Shields 1~3
[]Default Ganis [corrected]
]Default Sounds + Five Instruments
[]All NewFeatures200x.txt
]All files required for the offline tutorial to work
[/LIST] If you’ve already downloaded the .zip, make sure you are using the
client labeled “Graal_222.exe”.
That should fix it! Hope you enjoy your stay.

*Note- Some servers allow both types of clients and some don’t.

*Additional Note- If a server’s version is the old Build ## moniker, you can only use the 2.171 client.
The newer gserver will inform you of the client version you need in order to connect. Thanks Nalin~

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