My hero

Fogles is the fuckin’ man.

What’d he do? Didn’t he just use a LOIC to take down and ?

ah poor little baby didn’t get his way . hope he ends up in a federal pen .


Ah man. What’d I miss?

I downloaded a few playerworlds before his site was shutdown though.

no one will go to jail over graal because no one cares. except 12 year old kids.

I agree. He needs to get over himself finally. This shit was funny almost 5 years ago when we were all in it and it had purpose, now it is just him venting his own personal rage because he’s a dumb ass. Though a federal pen would be complete overkill he just should be dick slapped by a hundred gay men.

I still think it’s funny because these kids take Graal way too fucking seriously.

Agreed. There are people who cried and spam me 100 messages a day about how they want to stab me with a knife for killing them on zodiac.

Isn’t that a really ironic statement considering how seriously I DON’T take Graal. And the reason Fogles is doing this is because he’s pissed off about something that HAPPENED on Graal. LOLOL

I just think the whole situation is just HILARIOUS

You may not take Graal seriously (and I thank you for that), but some of these kids are ridiculous. Granted, we were all kids once, but jeez… I’ve never seen such a case of the butthurts than when I popped on GraalOnline, like, a month ago.