My kindle

can post on the graal reborn forums! seriously, this thing is awesome. next project is to try and tether its free 3g to my computer for free internet.

if you guys like to read get a kindle

Dunno- I preferred the Jessdle over the Kimdle. I’m all up for free imternets though.

with torrents i have tons of free books now.

how much does an okay kindle cost?

i got this one with free 3g for about 180. you can get the same one without 3g for 30 bux cheaper.

hit me up with free 3g anyday :smiley:

how is it free 3g, if it cost you 180 to get?

amazon gives you free 3g so you can buy books from them anywhere.

Tether teather teather

Tether tether, I like leather.
Whips and chains but hold the pleather?

i guess this when the thread goes off topic.

e-readers suck.

i just read through all of ender’s game without any of my eyeballs starting to hurt at any time.

You mean to say you have more than two?

shit. no one was suppose to know, but i hold the third eye.

Too bad it’s not the eye of the :sup:

Eye of the Sentinel?

Beholder has one of them.

the brown one ?

No, you’re thinking of Eye of the Beholder.

Our ‘current’ Beholder only has one eye.