My kindle

What the fuck?


My mother got a Kindle w/ 3G this Christmas. Probably the same one you got. They are really cool looking. The e-ink display is really amazing.

everyone needs one. i cant set this thing down

I was gonna get the 3G Kindle for my mom but I ended up getting her the Kinect. I think she would have liked it but all she talked about was the Kinect so I went ahead with that. I personally want the Kindle, and the free 3G sounds pretty good, even if it’s not great. Sadly I just don’t find enough books interesting.

just read more. plenty of awesome books out there

you tried reading wilbur smith? good books

i will now :slight_smile:

I’m sure there are, but I don’t have the attention span to actually enjoy most books. I rarely enjoy a book enough to sit through it all. I loved the Hobbit, but I found it a chore to read the LotR trilogy. I finished them, but I hardly enjoyed it. Most books end up like that for me. I just don’t think the Kindle would be justified.

well more than half of lotr is just them walking around.

lol, read wilbur smiths book, lots of action and stuff lol, you get immersed in it pretty easily

that Kinectimals is a strange virtual pet game

But I regress, the topic was about Kimdels, currently Kindles, not Kinect o_o

the contest between Gimli and Legolas kept me reading .

Readings for squares.


Obviously, no parts of benjiro are straight.

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The beauty about that post is he wont get it. o_O

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I called you gay.

my ipod touch is better even if it doesn’t have free 3G

besides everyones wifi password in my town is “hold the 1 key until it stops”

reading off ipod/ipad = hurting eyeballs

You can enlarge the text as far as I know…