My triumphant return

and probably my triumphant departure for another three years. What’s changed with reborn since 2013? What progress has been made, if any? I’m downloading the client and hoping to see people in-game.

dead game with an engine being worked on that could easily take three years to make. If you wanna fiddle around with the files again they’re sitting around somewhere. List server and other functions are still working fine though.

I’m glad the engine is being worked on. Great work to everybody involved. I’ll stay active on the forums for awhile and see what one of my programmers can do for Graal Reborn.

You have your own programmers?

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Indeed I do. Right now we are working on a Mobile app for “The Secret World”, but we reverse engineer games for fun. If it catches the interest of one guy in particular, I’ll post about it here.

That’s super… but Codr wants to do the whole thing by himself and the slack Downsider put up is dead dead dead.

Hmmm, as long as progress is made…