My Wii broke and I hurt

So my Wii hasn’t played discs in a while.
I’m a softmodded USB loader kinda guy, so the only thing it hasn’t been functionally doing is playing Gamecube games. And I have a Gamecube.

Anyways, I took it apart and fixed the drive. Then it played Gamecube games! Then I upgraded my softmodding a bit and it played backed up Gamecube games off of DVD-R’s I burnt after fixing a dell optiplex for ten hours when the problem was a jumper on the DVD drive.

All of the Wii work with improper tools because I’ve moved from place to place frequently took two days counting all of yesterday and today.

The discs stopped spinning again even though they would load, further investigation and

I broke tiny pieces of shitty asian plastic investigating and now it will never load discs again. Specifically the gears that move the disc into it and trigger the HELLO DISC part. Yep, it’s over. Until I get motivated and resourceful.

Hours later, my back and legs hurts because the air mattress under me deflated while I was working on the Wii. Also the only thing holding the data transfer ribbon (I think it is?) to the Wii’s DVD drive board is a thing from a lanyard. It’s the same as it was before now minus all of the screws and some casing because I FUCKING HURT SO BAD JESUS CHRIST.

I’ll get lucky and buy some old Wii somewhere, watch me.

I have a Gamecube.

I’m horrible.

I did all of this because of Paper Mario and Action Replay.


Someone please comfort me when I wake up, goodnight!


paper mario is fun too

Why can’t I thank that post more than once?


Broke a thing that holds the gear off. Gonna put a new one in and replace that gear, then I can work on getting the drive to spin discs.


Lol wateva

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