My Zelda Animation Series!

Hey guys, I’ve been working on a drawn Zelda flash animation series. We already got some great voice actors, and we’re probably going to be done with episode 1 in about 1-2 weeks. It’ll be a comedy / parody series based off of the world from a Link to the Past. Here’s a teaser:

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Tbh, it’s not much of a teaser and doesn’t really get my hyped. I’ll subscribe to your channel and give you the thumbs up anyway! :slight_smile:

Yeah, but I mean it’s hard to make a hype piece or trailer when the voice actors haven’t sent their lines yet. It’s essentially just a small taste of the animation, and teaser was the most relevant word I could come up with, and thanks!

Reminds me of the crap on Newgrounds. You should put this on Newgrounds.

Also, Link doesn’t talk. Just use sound clips from the games.

blackness blackness blackness and
nice mouth animation… O_o

I will put it out Newgrounds once it’s out. Which is one of the things that will hopefully gain my channel some momentum. Link being a silent protagonist is great in games, because he’s suppose to be a vessel for the player. But it doesn’t make for very entertaining animation. You can make jokes about how he’s a silent protagonist always going HA! HYAAAA!, but that’s overused, and only goes so far. Without Link being able to talk, it limits a lot of jokes / scenes that could otherwise be made. Also, technically Link does talk in Skyward Sword. You choose dialogue for him to say. None of the characters in that world talked and just had voice sound clips and grunts, but they talked in-text.

Besides, clearly the old Zelda cartoons and CDi games prove that giving Link a voice was a great idea.

Yeah I realized later that I overextended the black for way too long. But too late now. I’ll probably delete this video once the animations out anyways.

Cant wait until the sequal.