Ok guys i just want to inform you i DO have all of Old NPulse.
And i will be hosting it.
so give me some time.
<3 Thank you.

Cool! I always prefered the Old one to the new one…

I lived on the OLD npulse, I wonder if your npulse includes the SeeD guildhouse.

;] Indeed it does sir. this NPulse is from 1999-2004.

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Eh whats wrong with the gserver. It was working fine now its like starting to freeze.

Post 2k1–Goddess town, volcano pot maze, etc. It actually changed a lot by this point, but it’s probably the one you played.

lol i have goddess town in there bro. but my server wont let me log on idk whats up.
;x ive checked the setting and shit and it all seems good.

How much CPU is the gserver using?

No idea all i know is it gets to the “Loading Weapons” and goes no further.

I mean that it and the volcano are in there, the server changed a lot when they started doing that, I’d played at least a year or so beforehand.

I’m going through and trying to clean it up right now, it’s taking longer than i expected because I’m getting jerked between three versions of the overworld. I doubt I’m going to have it all fixed tonight since 3600’s a lot more levels than I thought I’d be sorting through. It’s like a bunch of noobs were staff and couldn’t hack up an old server efficiently. Random levels deleted, links replaced with jibberish, and regions patched in several times only to be thrown out.

Tileset wise I think you’re looking for “eoa_tiles_normal.png”. I’m going to convert the levels to .nw and type up a new map. I’ll also work on getting a folder with the images you need together as well. Might take awhile because I won’t finish today and I’m expecting a T2i tomorrow, so I’ll probably play with it a couple days.

Might search for port forwarding threads to see if that’s your problem.

The settings seem okay and i thought it was the massive file count but i deleted the files to make sure then again… i may have deleted the onlinestartlocal.nw. by accident… sound i just deleate the whole gserver and redownload? XD

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Nonon i got the right tileset i wanted now :] its all there my friend gave me everything just… its all jumbeled up…
Ill send you the tileset if you want.

Make sure it’s set to onlinestartlocal.graal, they’re all .graal levels right now. It would give you a level not found error if it were getting that far, so it probably isn’t that.

I fixed it you guys can log on now.

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The server is up and working! :]
Everyone log on and say unstick me :3

I eat NP for midnight snacks. If you ever wonder why things don’t work it’s because I took a nice big bite out of them.

XD Silly moose.

…NPs are for kids!