Nalin (25)

Happy birthday, man!

Congratulations you poor bastard!

Put a smile on, cause its yo’ birthday, bitch.

Happy Belated Birthday!

Happy happy!

Have a good one! :open_mouth:

Happy 25th Birthday… =)

oppss I lost track of time >_<

Happy day 4 u

Ya old bastard, have a good one.

Happy Birthday

were there waffles

Happy Birthday, Nalin. NOW THANK ME!

Happy birthday.

Happy Gerbil day

Happy Birthday

(This thread is great for “Thanks” clicks, I think I’ll post a few more times)

You know theres a rep-- button, right? :open_mouth:

No I didn’t know and where’s the count for it?

Hold your cursor over one of these
But over there.


I will become famous soon enough? How about a number?

In the UserCP

You can click on the rep icon on your posts to see your rep points.

I don’t care about rep. Thanks is better.