I was never a scripter and I’m still not, so I’m not sure if NC was even around back during this time… So is there any way to get NC on RC?

If not, how do we get systems going?


Nope what?

No NC?

I also asked how we would go about getting weapons and systems added to a server. How could we do that?

Lmao, if there’s no NC how the fuck can we load weapons?
The icon isn’t showing up on RC for Weapons.

It would be cool if we could stop getting smart-ass replies :blush:

You call them from the level. (eg. mix putnpc with toweapons) I don’t know if you’re asking for an NPC server, but we don’t really have one of those working properly yet. And by yet, I mean the last time we had real progress on that was years ago. I think there are some on some servers though, but I don’t really know much about it.

You have to use triggerhacks and manually add weapon files to the weapons folder. It’s a pain in the ass. Don’t like it: make an NPC-Server.

And what are trigger hacks? Any tutorials any where?

Search the forums.