need help getting online

I go to the add/change passwords it wont go to the next page

Touché! I suppose that page hasn’t been re-added!
Thanks for letting us know!

Hopefully Marlon / Cadavre notices this o_o

Blah, I tried doing it and this fucking yellow message:By default, your account for the serverlist is not created. In order to create your serverlist account, you must go into your UserCP and click Add/Change Password in the Manage Graal Account section of the Control Panel.

After you do that, your account on the serverlist will be created using the same login name you use for the forums: IPAD

Still stayed at the top to annoy me

We should make it disappear after you’ve done it. But many people leave, then come back and doesn’t remember where to set the password or what their password was. So I don’t know.

Exactly ^