Need images

ok so i honestly tryed, to find the clients i tried the dvd but it just wont download it wont extract i have all the folder’s for it.

it wont download please can you guys give me the client download links for the past downloadable clients.

also i checked the fourms an there is no? nw file folder why there were some but were do you download em were can i find them.

im not asking for you to hand everything to me i really want help an i wanna learn scripting an i wanna learn level making graphics etc i just need resources thanks.

What are you asking for?

like old clients graphics images weapons etc i know i need to make em in all i just need the images

Walk around on classic and lumina then check your webgifs folder, easy.

I don’t understand why you need them.

i need them to see the cool stuff that was made an to use on my levels like tiles an stuff

as trix said all you have to do is walk around servers and any images they use will auto download to your webgifs folder in the graal directory . if you cant find what your looking for that way your best bet is the graal dvd, or google it . Tho you may wana watch what you use as some people take offence when their images are used, and some like Riley for instance don’t mind so long as you don’t change the file name or claim you made it . The clients however can be downloaded from here or the older ones are on the dvd .

I will never help you with pointless shit like this. I don’t understand why you’re obsessing over Graal like this.