im using joeys server hosting and my server keeps on getting deleted, how do i get it protected??

You get it protect by asking Joey to protect it for you.
In failing that, Marlon nominated himself for a world of hurt by realizing he had the password and then publicly announcing it. lol

(We Salute you, Marlon!)

Great, so Bomber Arena is going to be fucked up and stolen?

Can someone unprotect & then delete the ‘agret’ server, I made it for testing something quickly and used it for like 2 minutes and now it is protected :frowning:

Put Agrets NPC back up. I wanna fuck around with it some more XD

Just change your “Forum Sign up” IP to your current one.

it’s linked to your account on here, so you should be able to remove it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hah. It’s bound to an IP Address that you registered your account with. Couldn’t find a table for “last IP used”, so people with Dynamic IPs are generally shit out of luck.

You could all just wear condoms.

First time reading the title, I was thinking the same thing.


I’m capped so have been running it offline, have implemented a bunch more functions into the NPC-Server and am very close to having global NPCs working as well as NPCs being able to warp levels.

Having a bit of trouble implementing MD5 though, it’s stored in an array and you have to read it as hex, so far I can only get it to output to printf.

Sounds pretty hot bro. I had a gander on game monkey script so I wanted to try some shit out, but I can wait :slight_smile:

Good job.

snprintf is your best buddy.

OMFG chicken crashed skittlez server AGAIN!!! FUK YOU CHICKEN!!!

Calm down, you little prick. I doubt Chicken is to blame. Him being on the server doesn’t exactly mean that he did it.

I’ve been fucking with GameMonkey, all I did so far was made it so it parses out arrays generated like {3, 3, 7} and shits it back out as table(3, 3, 7) so I never have to think of my arrays as “tables” which sounds gay.

You should help agret implement that into the npcserver.

I rather do
blah = {‘asd’,123,‘lol’};
blah = table(‘asd’,123,‘lol’);

" not ’

or both