Neptune OSL

You guys like my OSL? What should I edit / add to it?

Please don’t flame me… cough

GodSyde would flip shit if he knew his bodies were being stolen and renamed every couple seconds.

bodies? o.0 this is the rainspear body…

Make it smaller, no one is going to like walking through a giant level like that. Especially when there is no pattern on the floor that might suggest the reason for the size of that huge, blank, empty spot.

I was helping Tore get his player-world started. Before he blames me, this is how I had his OSL (minus the NPC’s)


Looks better

So much symmetry though lmao

I wasn’t going to build him a masterpiece or anything ;D

Mol, I wouldn’t of blamed you at all. I took yours and made it bigger for MY liking, I wasn’t thinking of others…

“The smaller the room the less you need to put in it” – Very wise man

That’s the problem with your version, there’s nothing in it, and it’s too big.

Well, I never said it was done… But I need ideas.

Yup. I was wrong. Rainspear.


I think the level is really big, and you should try using smaller levels. Almost every level I’ve ever seen you make is ridiculously big. That’s just my put into it.

I liked mols attempt.

And i liked my attempt :stuck_out_tongue:

You need instructions on how to get started. Credits to those who helped or worked on your server. A newstand to explain what’s new. Perhaps a statue of the owner. Detail the blank spaces. Lamps, vases etc if it’s walls or corners, carpetting or tiling if it’s the middle of the room. Create a pattern on the ground leading to the door(s). Maybe add some starting chests with a few rupees, a bow and a bomb. The bow and bomb are useless because you start with them but everyone loves chests. EVERYONE.

Don’t push it. Bullshit like that is going to make your time on here hell.