new cipher

huhr herpy der?


D- Herpa D-

HerpsD-D-Herpy HuhrSherpaDerpyHerpaDerpa HurHerpa RurrHerpaHerr DurrDerpyDerpyDerpla HerpsDerpyHerpyHerpyH-ErpaHerps HerpySherpaH-Dur DurSherpaH-Herpy!?

lol if gllt deleted the first post I wonder what a new comer might think lol

Well its pretty obvious what they would think isnt it?

That we herp tha derp.

HurDerpyDerpaDerplaDurDerplaDerpyHerpDurr HerpaErpaD-Rurr!

hephephep :asleep:

This isn’t a cipher. >:|

and…were still having fun :slight_smile:

Because you BELIEVED it was a cipher!

Red Sniper! RUN!

why is everyone speaking in swedish all sudden?

HERP diddly erpy derp det är därför.

That Deserves a Thanks.

Dur herpy der herr… Huhrderpy sherpaherpdeph-erpaherps derherrerpa!

what the fuck

I had the same first reaction…