New here ... hello :o

hi im new here so whats up ?

and how come i barely see people on ? :confused:

Nothing new, and barely anyone on since we’re all in sporadic timezones with erratic unplanned schedules.

We should really work on something that will keep “one person” entertained for a long time, then stretch it out to other people later.

Hurry up and add to Bomber Arena so there is something to do.

Sure, once I get my damn job out of my system. O_o

Job? Work? Pfft!

well if you tell some of your friends about this, and get people to play maybe there could be more people playing :slight_smile:

just dont go spreading it on the graal official forums.

yea, no going to official graal…the staff would shoot you down rather quickly…(ban ya too)

“Private Server Emulation is Considered Piracy”

bah humbug…ta hell with internet law.

/me downloads The Orange Box off bittorrent and puts on flash drive

I play GraalOnline. Stefan just ignores me. (not kidding about this)

omfg n00b gtfo!!1