New Laptop (with windows 7)

Got myself a new laptop today

17.3 inch monitor
AMD Turion II Duel-Core Mobile M520 2.3ghz
its a toshiba

4 gigs ram (upgrade possible to 8 gig)
comes with windows 7
260 gig harddrive (I put my 500 gig external on it instead of my desktop :animesmiley:)
has Direct X 11
1916mb shared video memory (AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200)

cost around $550

…Actually, that’s an extremely good buy.
Large size, fuckload of ram and good clockings.

Heh, asides from having Mobile parts, that’s better than my PC.
Expired :[

Nice buy man. I also got a hold of a Toshiba, but it was a A300 Sat. 2GB RAM, 200GB HD, 256MB graphics card with shareable memory I believe. Only $60

my step-father got one too, same exact everything (he bought 2 of the same thing)

he got a bunch of money recently, payed a bunch of bills, got these laptops, payed the fee for campgrounds, and hes gonna get new tires for his car.

so far, the games that run real good that I never been able to play good, Unreal Tournament 2k4 (on other comp, really slow), Postal 2 (really slow), and Lego Indiana Jones 2 (blue screened my desktop and my old lappy doesnt support pixel shader 2.0+) next, is Farcry, etc, etc…:slight_smile:

Wow, those olde games does not run well on your old computer? O_o

Your old computer must’ve been a old Pentium MMX 166MHz, 64 MB ram, 16 MB Voodoo 2 GFX, and 512MB hdd.


1916mb shared video memory (AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200)
shared video memory isnt the best thing in the world but congratulations.

Shared memory is crap. I have an early Radeon Xpress card in my laptop; I can’t play anything cool on it. It’s a cool idea, and I respect the ingenuity. Still, no matter how much ram I reserve for my video card, it’s crap. The card has to fetch and deliver data to the system RAM before it can do its work, and I think it leaves it up to your operating system to manage it all. All that work does not really amount to anything. AMD needs to keep video cards compartmentalized and work on making them smaller and faster. Not complex and cluttered around the system.

But hey, I bought this laptop when shared memory with video cards was a new thing. Things could be way better now. Plus, everything I just wrote is only speculation. I haven’t even googled this up yet.
Anyone else want to talk about this? I’m getting all curious about it now.
Thanks guys.

Yay for Graal :slight_smile:

If you can turn shared memory off in BIOS I suggest you do so, I have it on my laptop but I turned it off and everything runs much better (more ram available to system, no fake ram on the video card lol)

I wonder how much ACTUAL video memory my video has O.o

8 MB ATI 3D Rage Pro ftw!!
Just messing around… nah.

But 256 MB seems to be the norm around here…

I got a laptop too :smiley:
Runs windows 7.
2gb of ram, 250 gb harddrive, amd processor v120 (2.2GHz), ATI mobility radeon HD 4250 Graphics up to 893 MB hypermemory 15.6 inch HD LED LCD screen, 16:9 screen ratio, with hdmi output capibility.
All for 294$, a back to school walmart deal.
lucky me :slight_smile:

Guess so. That processor looks like shit though.

I say thats almost as good as my comp, but my mother bored blew 2 days ago, but for a laptop thats a great buy, i hope it works out for ya.

so far it runs all kinds of good games, like Prey, TF2, L4D2, etc. all the games I always wanted to play but couldnt on my old lappy & desktop

Graal will break it. I guarantee it.

more then likely or make it run hot as hell

niether, I play a lot of graal (working on my levels) and listen to mah music, and my lappy doesnt get very hot at all. it gets hottest when playing l4d2.

Graal generally likes to suck up an entire process to itself. So if you have a multicore, you’re looking at 1/x resources being hogged. I guess it’s a good thing Graal isn’t multicore compatable…?

graal takes up 30% cpu and 25mb of memory. firefox takes up 130mb of memory (up to 400mb when im on facebook games)

Graal will destroy your computer!