New Laptop.

Ok so the thing is I need a new laptop because the one I have is SHIT. I want one with at least 2gb ram and something that can run First person shooters with a good FPS. Idk if there is any around this price but i would like one for under $599 :D. Thanks

None of that alienware shit.

Also I just saw this and I would like to know if this is any good.


this is my laptop (click detailed specs to see pdf file)
use this to find a good laptop from Toshiba :stuck_out_tongue:

Dontar I dont see the price for your laptop.

Dell are shit! They have too many troubles. I think you could get a laptop from HP or acer for a good price. I think Asus is a good brand, Acer, Toshiba and HP but I would recommend either an Asus(even though people say theyve had way too much trouble with them) or an Acer.

if i call for tech support i end up talking to indians for two hours and spending $200 to be able to reconnect to my internet or something stupid

Probably because you blew an hour and a half telling racist jokes.

YES!!! when I had my terrible toshiba I went to get help and instead got an Indian. I couldn’t understand a word he said :frowning: truely a terrible experience. And to make things worse he hung up on me! Not vice versa.

two hours later

I hate my Acer. Dont recommend it.

I never called any hotline till now O_o
If there is something I cant fix myself (with or without help on forums) then I just call a few friends and we end up having a great evening :smiley:

Anyway… what are the problems / questions you call them for? O_o
Like: “Omgawd Windows said the driver is not signed?” or “Helpz! My IE cant display websites correctly!!!”



Anyway if you dont pick the cheapest Dell you end up with a great support and qualified answers. :> I’ve tested that with the notebook from a friend.

Acer is shit which is why I want a new computer :stuck_out_tongue: I heard alienware is really good so dont get me wrong its just we cant afford that right now

They say toshiba is the best but I have had a better run with acer and Asus. I guess all the computer companies fuck up. Just a case of luck I spose.

To play Minecraft im using my parents toshiba with 4gb ram idk if it runs well (most likely) with first person shooters but I might get a lower priced one.

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How about this one? I will change the amount of ram to 3 or 4gb depending on if i should change the processor.

Just get a Desktop…

I love my desktop

stop talking about shit I don’t care about

Desktop for under $599?

Challenge Accepted.

What is wif u and racism today? The Japanese one was funny but now ur going overboard

I got my desktop for free

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:facehoof:im not even kidding. they are horrible for tech support.