New Posts

Not sure which section this should go in.

I tend to navigate by New Posts solely, and I’ve noticed it’s a lot different here than other forums I browse. Other forums tend to show all recent posts of the day, with unread threads bolded. However here, if I click it, read a post and then click again, the post is gone off the list and it shows a bunch of unread posts.

Is there any reason it’s a bit different here than other forums? I noticed it is actually different if I’m not logged in(my cookies were deleted yesterday and I clicked it and it seemed to behave like other forums then).

Might be a setting. Ask Joey, he’s the master of the forums. :slight_smile: I’d like it to be more like you say. But, yeah, it’s up to Joey to decide.

I don’t really navigate through new posts… so of course I’ve not noticed. I’m pretty sure Nalin and Beholder have complained about it, they have admins and they can search for some plugin to make it more like how you want… i guess.

Well, GO forums new-post function differ from ours. Might just be a small setting somewhere. I’ll have a look tomorrow. Sleepy time now. :slight_smile:

I also navigate through new posts. Should get a plugin for it anyway since it’s used pretty often by many users.