Newbie here :D

Yo i guess this is the best way to introduce myself.
prolly ganna sound douchebagish xD
im Kain, age 17 livin in the US
i speak german,english and a lil dutch ;s
im wanna learn to hax :o i just fail at everything tho so i doubt thats happening
erm graal is my pass time for the summer
i’ve played on your servers before for a lil, pretty niftty but laggy D:
um i went thru the dvd thing
saw some old times :wink: i appreciate it, brings back my childhood, im prolly one of the youngest peep here :o
im rather open minded, nice, out going, chill and easy to talk to :wink:
and that pretty much sums me up. xD

i bet you’re 12 years old irl

17… im ganan eb a senior in hs <.<

im ganan eb a sophomore in hs <.<

wat aubt u gusy ?

I’m a dropout.

Edit; I meant hi.

could you tell me why ppl have to talk like this :o
i just dont understand how peeps can talk like this :[
it is proly one of the most retarded things ive ever seen D:
could you plz tell me?? :smiley:

Anyways, how the hell did his DVD bring up your childhood? You were born what… '90? '91? You’re still a damn child, and clearly couldn’t show anyone otherwise. You’ve probably played Graal for about 4 or 5 years. Barely enough to know what the servers are.

I played Graal since age 6, I believe, which is 9 years of experience. I may have communicated with some of you in a past life.

Good for you.

So what graal raised you then as a child O_o

I rarely played until just recently, I’ve only accumulated about 600 hours on all servers over the 9 year period.

hmmm , something just dont add up here . i mean the first post made was pretty good english , the second post was just jibberish . and an american that cant use proper english . not even an adult and reffering to his child hood before its over . something smell’s wrong here .

Haha, I have +1200 hours on a few servers, like Enigma Graal and Babylon, maybe Delteria too. 300 on Dolphonia.

Well this is without Era, since I’m banned there, and I think I had a bit there… Most of it is N-Pulse… Which has recently gone to shit so I moved to UN… Which has gone to shit a few years back.

How the fuck could you have made those choices o_o

LOL downsider same story :stuck_out_tongue:
I played classic mainly tho, but after a few months of playing, classic just died?
Angel PK wasnt the same, there were barely any people on :o and it was just depressing.
As for babylon, I believe it was someone on this forum that talked to me about babylon and told me to play, whomever you are thanks, best server there ever was and will be!
ATM i play UN to kill my time, and also use it to talk to people whom dont have msn or aim. But other than that, graal isss pretty much stupid. Unless you ispoof n fk around with other players using hax :o then its a bit more fun ;D

I have 1000+ hours on Zone with both of my accounts. And over 1000 on Classic, too.

i cant stand zone,
it was boring D:
tazer ftw tho :smiley:

Good for you. I find UN boring. And Classic isn’t dead. It’s under the development tab because it is being remade. I am a developer on Classic so I know what’s up.

Why are you remaking it on GO and not GR? :stuck_out_tongue:

Because I work on GraalOnline’s Classic. Thor and everyone else think it it time for change. There where very little players and the Dev Admin was being a douche.