Nintendo's Legendary Banhammer

I still find it retarded as hell but I do understand why there cracking down on it in the first place. Nintendo is a freaking FREE online service and you get no damn benefit of anything unlike on Xbox 360. Banning players just for having some extra fun is stupid, if you want to race someone just play them in a private race not like playing with random people is fun. >_>

Why do people need to cheat?

Because they can if they choose to. This is america. Not japan where R4 is banned and less freedom.

So one player should ruin the game for everyone else because he feels the need to cheat?

cough GRAAL cough

Well since some cheating can be pretty game-breaking(cheats in Animal Crossing can BRICK your game)…

I wonder if you’d be banned for using the cheats that make up Brawl+. You need to be playing someone else with the same codeset so it doesn’t desync, which would pretty much rule out random people, so maybe it’d be safe.

If someone wants to cheat, than they can if they want to. You CANNOT control what other people want to do online or offline. Whenever I play with a cheater, I actually play through the match or I just simply drop. Simple.

Again, who cares if they cheat or not, there is no benefit on Nintendo’s servers. Therefore why are you complaining?

If someone is cheating online, and i happen to be playing that game… then it affects me, therefore he should be banned to prevent him. There is no profit in playing graal, yet we still ban people who run on walls etc… right?

Lol. It’s like talking to an idiot from gamepolitics. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion.

I’m not talking about some RANDOM ONLINE game, I’m talking about NINTENDO.

As for graal, you are RUNNING an ONLINE SERVER therefore the person running that server makes that rule or choice as to rather or not ban someone. HOWEVER, Graal Reborn and Nintendo are very different things and you gain more benefit on Graal Reborn.

Nintendo shouldn’t ban someone FOREVER mainly because it’s a FREE ONLINE SERVICE WITH NO BENEFICIAL GAIN.

I’m not trying to call you names or be offense but talking game politics or graal politics is retarded.

Simple solution:
Instead of banning the cheaters, just disallow them to join any connection with non(as far as Nintendo knows)-cheaters :stuck_out_tongue:

Let them play with other cheaters!

Or if Nintendo was smart they would have added a feature that allows the player to choose who they don’t want to run into ever again similar to that on Xbox 360.

This just screams april fools joke.

Your obviously retarded as this has been going on for almost a month now.

Obviously you’re a cheater yourself because you are being very defensive… so therefore your opinion is biased!

Why shouldn’t Nintendo ban cheaters? The majority of players don’t cheat. The majority of players don’t want to play with someone that cheats. And arguing about it is just stupid. Boo hoo, you won’t be able to cheat on wii any more… Big deal!

We already know that, he spawns/steals shit in people’s town on Animal Crossing. o_o

Used to. Again, I know why they placed it, I honestly don’t care. I didn’t know about this new ‘ban people forever’ thing until recently. I wanted to simply just post this if anyone that plays online didn’t know already.

Besides, Joey, last I remembered was I owned you in MKWII without cheats. :stuck_out_tongue: