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my buddy put in a new high end graphics card, but computer wouldnt post after he did. i suggested a better power supply with 3+ rails, but that didnt work. then we tried to get the computer to post with nothing plugged in except cpu, cpu fan, and a stick of ram, and it still didnt post. took the ram out and computer didnt start to freak out due to no ram. so whats up?

Awfully vague on the info. Ie: Motherboard, PSU and Graphics card.
Last person who came here with that issue forgot something very simple.

See that 6 pin on the back of the graphics card?
Higher End Graphics Cards require extra power, your newer PSU should have the pins to connect to these. Some require multiple.

Motherboards also have a fair share of these, make sure you’re not forgetting one.
Eg, My Motherboard requires a 8+4 (Ie: 12 pin, it’s modular) and another 4 pin.
My video card requires a 4 or 6pin last I checked.

In the case of high end graphic cards, the important part about the PSU is having stable 12v rails. However this isn’t the problem in your case. You computer may be trying to do something, but cannot show you it on the monitor without all of the requires power connections made.

Personally there was only one time I couldn’t POST, the motherboard was either DOA or the BIOS was too out of date to handle the CPU… And you can’t update the BIOS with an incompatible CPU…

That being said, anyone want to buy a P5KC with an potentially out of date BIOS? I’ll offer a full refund if it’s DOA ;D “Should” work with lower end Intel Dual Cores. If not, then it’s a DOA. Lol
(C’mon, it supports DDR2 and DD3, just not at the same time :D)

ill be more clear. the computer worked fine before the new vid card. we put it in and it didnt post. so we took it out and it still didnt post. we messed something up, but we don’t what the fuck is going on. im about to start checking for shorts.

Well, you’ve tried the bare bones method… Either the motherboard is under powered, or a surge/brownout caused some damage to the CPU or motherboard.

Try resetting the CMOS for the barebones method. I doubt it’ll help alleviate anything though.

yeah we messed up the motherboard. how should we “recycle” it? i havent tried a soaking in gasoline yet.

Askin’ the wrong guy. I still have the other motherboard sitting on my shelf.
A high chance it’s still perfectly good, just that the bios is out of date. But only someone with a compatible CPU would be able to reflash it… I hear some motherboard manufacturers are setting things up for external flashing of the BIOS, and like everyone else, I say “about damn time, and I wish it happened sooner.”

yay for external flashing.
i never upgrade my computers. just make new ones. so i never really run into bios problems.

That’s where I ran into mine. Bought a motherboard and a CPU, no post. Bought the same motherboard again hoping that the CPU wasn’t DOA.

i do a hell of a lot of research before i buy stuff

Same, the motherboard is compatible with the CPU, but its the version of the BIOS that was a mixed bag.

that sucks

If you dropped a screw in there sir your fucked, but if what beholder says is true about the reFLASHING id keep it, you never know.

Yes Post?

that would be just dandy

I drop screws on motherboards all the time. :colbert:

/hug its ok i <3 you

Nalin is badass.