no start sword

how can i get a new player to start with no sword or shield. editing the defaultaccount.txt did not seem to do the trick. player will still have sword and shield.

did changing




really not work?

nope it didnt work.

  setsword no-sword.png,0;
  setshield no-shield.png,0;
  setlevel2 osl.nw,30,30;

that the only way?

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ok well im doing what agret said and it worked as far as no sword or shield. however, when i open up a chest containing a sword, it does not say the player now has the level1 sword. Also, i edited the defaultaccount.txt to make sure player won’t start with bombs, and a chest with the bomb in it wont give the player the bomb npc.

The default should of worked did u make sure it was saved n set to 0 for both

the default should of worked if u set it to 0. Did you make sure u saved it and that it uploaded right to the server and make sure when u test it did u use ur char or a new account?

well that problem is already solved. the new problem is the player isnt getting the sword/bomb when opening the chest.

works ofline

Sounds like a question for Nalin…

kondie told me the default chests dont work. so i need to make my own i guess. unless someone posts one or tells me its already on forums somewhere.

Did you put it in a level you only visit once? It could be resetting it.

Edit: hence playerenters. But yeah, if you did that’s weird.

if (playerenters){
  if (swordpower==0)setimg chest.png;//dont know wether you have to use  a local command for this  o.0 i think you do
  else setimg setimg chestopen.png;
setshape 1,32,32;

if (playertouchsme && swordpower==0){
  setsword ,1;
  play chest.wav;

see. this is what it should always be like. someone asks for help and get it without spam, trolling, or someone getting pissed off about not using the search feature. trixta is awesome btw.

IT helps that you made the Signatures.
Or else I would totally troll you.

lol, and thanks hosler, Its an honour to be one of the 8 people youve thanked :slight_smile:


I also thought of starting the player off with squat ( 1 full heart, no sword, no shield, no bomb, no bow, even no glove :D). I also ran into the same problem you did, where the chest would not effectively give the lvl1 sword, shield, bomb, bow, not to mention a lvl1 glove chest doesn’t even exist. (glove1 chest gives glove pwr2 and glove2 chest gives glove pwr3).

I made custom chest script also to give the sword and shield image and pwr level I wanted, but I wasn’t sure how to add the bomb and bow weapon effectively. I’m sure it wouldn’t have taken long to find out how to do that but I decided a player should at least be able to lift pots and have basic weapons or they would probably get pissed and leave… so I decided to use the default starting items after all.

The whole point of that super cool story bro is basically to second that the chests might be broken… and to provide some incite I guess.

custom all the way, then you can make the chest get picked up by santa and be flown away… and playerbombs+=watever


Block formatting is for assholes.

Make a post in the bug reports forum if you think it is a bug with the gserver.
Include steps on how to set it up (IE, have default accounts not have a sword/shield/bomb.)
Then include your level that illustrates the issue.
That lets me quickly find the issue and fix it.