Not drawing characters

Graal is not wanting to showtext or showing these characters
[ ,] ,and \

is there any way to show these characters in text?
it probably wont show ; either…

i already tried putting them in a string and showimg the string as text
doesnt work…, also tried quotes

I need to show this text for my keyboard macro system… and i cant draw the text on each key because of this :confused:

its hard to center text in photoshop, i dont know how to make it perfectly center within a square… so doing it in graal is my only option other then subtracting the width and height of the text from half of the box w and h … which i might have to do for each key if i cant figure this out x.x

that is due to the command using “,” in the command . anymore of them throws it off making the client think there is another spot in there that it doesn’t need . i suggest using : or something else not found in the line already . if you tryed a string you did it wrong because that does work . here’s one i made useing a string .

showimg 203,@[email protected] : #s(client.grenade4),screenwidth/30,screenheight-18;
changeimgvis 203,5;
changeimgzoom 203,.5;
showimg 204,zw_grenade4-icon.png,screenwidth/80,screenheight-20;
changeimgvis 204,5;
changeimgzoom 204,.5;

if for some reason it fails to show it is most likely one of the other commands . changeimgvis changes the layer that the image is showing , think of one as under player , 2 overplayer , 3 over the overplayer and so on . changeimgzoom is to make it bigger then the image is . now changeimgvis and the cords on the showimg work together , if one is set wrong then they both break . this is set to five which works with the screensize however others work off the players cords .

thanks but i dont think you understand

showimg 201,@@@[,x,y;

doesnt show the text “[” instead it starts showing the script as text…

so i tried doing a string
setstring this.text,[;
showimg 201,@@@#s(this.text),x,y;
still doesnt work

you didn’t specify a font . so what is it going to show the text as ? also this.whatever string’s will unset . if its something that will be used over and over your better off going with client string’s .

you dont need to always specify a font, it just uses the one the player uses in options…

this.strings are in a timeout so theres no problem with it unsetting (they are set every time before use)

Just fucking use showtext.

If you read my first post you would have known that i ALREADY USED SHOWTEXT

i just used psp to do the letters