NPC Repository

Forums suck for publishing scripts. How about we make a repository with google or something?


i’ve been workin on some of the graal reborn pages a few days ago, going to work on finishing up the account page and setup the graal reborn category, start merging the website into the site… then do a playerworlds list page etc, try to fix up some things. might as well do some progress eh

Would be awesome to see the old site stuff come back up :slight_smile:

I miss the organized nature of the main site. It makes the forums feel incomplete even though they aren’t part of them. Know what I mean?

But the forums are a part of them. That’s why they’re the Graal Reborn forums and not the Totally Unrelated forums.

We could definitely add some sort of scripting repository to the site sometime as well. I’m currently all over the place juggling a few projects but in the next few days I should have the account page working correctly into the template, and be pretty familiar with adding new pages. It’s a little bit of an annoyance trying to figure out how vBulletin works but i’m slowly making progress. Uses template pages, and then you have to run back to the actual php file - it’s a little annoying, but once I get a good idea of it I will be able to add back some of the old features right into the forums.

Already exists. Look in /public_html/pages/servers.

Re-use what is possible to use that isn’t total garbage.

Yeah I was going to ask you where the original pages were, i’ll definitely go through them I don’t remember how much of the data was stored anymore so.

well you dont need to have it check how many players are on because it will always be 0

It’s how I also seemed to be online when there were players on.

All custom pages are in /public_html/pages/ except my graal_versions page for admins and vip which is in /public_html/.

The total playercount stuff was broken, and I didn’t think it was such a thing to bother doing anything about.

We should definitely use the layout I based the forum theme off. I just set the bar too high for that site layout for me to finish it. If you make it static it would go much faster. I’ll see where I put all the files for it. I believe most of the graphics that the header in these forums are loaded from my server still.

Yeah I seen a lot of images coming from opengraal, and I am going to put the pages directly into the forums. So it will keep the same layout of the forums with just the page so less hassle with having to change both templates around.

put it in a directory on the mainsite instead, that way a vbulletin upgrade couldn’t possibly fuck it up. Also, the favicon is gone for some reason (happens every vbulletin upgrade).

All the graal reborn stuff is products / plugins. Everything can be removed / reinstalled by uploading one file (graal.php) and the one xml file that has all the phrases and templates.