I'm always open to suggestions. I'll take them into consideration but I'll only act on those that correlate with my current plans. So, don't be offended if I don't use yours. But, don't let that stop you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Works in progress:

Capture The Flag |[color=green][/color][/b]|[80%]
Bomberman |[color=green][b]

Event Coin system|[color=green][/b][/color]|[100%]
Class System |[b]

Intro |[color=green]~[/color]~[/b]|[90%]
Overworld |[b]~

Naturally, there are shit-tons of other things that need done, but these are the projects I'm currently juggling.

Re: NyghtShade

k, i finally got thru the intro maze carrying that stupid pot. Which is the equivalent of running around with crack and a bomb held high above your head, well doing a line soberity test well the officers shoot at you.

And yer servers lagging really bad. Might just be the time and u downloading something. Anyway, just thought I would point out that I expect a prize. A fiefdom of bushmen in the far right atleast.

-Wait sorry, it could've been me lagging. Since bitlord is running.

Re: NyghtShade

Well, I run my fansub downloads during the night. So, that'll do it, too.

As for the intro quests, I'm going to remove those and replace them with an actual -maze- among other unorthodox intro quests.

Give me some time. Work has me wicked busy with holidays. Huzzah for retail. e.e