:O Hello

Whats up people, some sort of nostalgia brought me back here, plus I have a bit more free time now :D. It’s pretty awesome to see that you guys carried on as you did, some sweet additions by the looks of it.

Is Kuji, Marlon, Beholder, etc still around?

far as I can tell, yes they are…

Aye! :slight_smile:

http://www.opengraal.com/ <-- A little lol portal I made today, with reference of graal’s website as of 2001.

Pretty cool little splash website, cool menu as well.

Does the menu animate when you click the links? :slight_smile:

Yea, it animates and seems to do what its intended, I believe.

Aye, it looked neat.
Welcome back, Pac.

Hello beholder, how goes your cool little one level large server?

It’s down, it grew a tiny bit but I haven’t bothered updating the GServer for it.
Here’s some Videos of Sentinel Dängerless made:

Instead I have 3 smaller novelty servers up, “Gravity Bomb”, “Scale2x” and “Bomber Arena”
There was a “Unix Graal”, a very small server which had a quest on about every overworld level, had Marlon host it for a while, it became a part of the ‘Graal Reborn’ server before that absorbed into another server and that’s lord know where now.

Gravity Bomb is a sidescroller test with slopes (and a cannon), characters are half their size. Mainly used as a test/example.
Scale2x, everything is pixilated, as if it were off of an SNES game. Just about the entire system is artificial. Oh, and there’s 2 player horses. Also a test/example.
I just ‘released’ Bomber Arena last night, basically a bomberman clone. Better than the one I had on BomyIslands actually, haha.

…That was fucking long.

Holy crap, when did you become the king of gscript?

Awesome Pac! Pac I can’t wait to hit up the furry clubs on Second life again!

Oh god that game still gives me nightmares on occasion, but I got a email from the DOOWANGLE CLAN so I know the username with all my abusive items for that game so I suppose its possible if we can possibly subject ourselves to that game .-.


:frowning: I had some family issues and did a lot of traveling, but I’m going to a local college again and my schedule is pretty much sorted so I don’t need to worry as much about certain things…

But where are the irc stats have I maintained my crown of line spamming?

Oh yeah, also it appears your PASSUSA website has grown a bit from the last time I saw it say 2-3years ago lol…

lmao idk, and uhh whats your aim!

i still have second life on my laptop…cant remember my password though or the free stuff warehouse location…

I remember you watching the porn .wmv screens in second life a little bit to long there Dontar X_x

Pac: We saw your donation to GR when our forums were being hit up for money tank U

O_o Long time ago, I just don’t mass it out on NPulse like everyone else.

nice work with the portal marl

That’s me :slight_smile: