Oasatown - The amazing specticle of one persons imagination, along with the flavors of others.

So, that was lame but heres we go.

I want to hear what you all think about my tileset and what I should change.

I also want to take suggestions on what direction my playerworld should go, Classic, RP, “Era” style, ect.


Re: Oasatown

The ganis don't download automatically for the Dagger and Sword NPCs

looks fine other than that.

Re: Oasatown

I just tested the ganis, anyone know why they aren't auto downloading?

I have them in Gserver/World/GANI folder.

Re: Oasatown

I just put mine in the world/ folder. But only thing I can think of would be,
Are the file sizes over 72kb maybe? or else Try opening up the rc, connect to your server and type in /cachesubdirs .