oh hai der

Hi spooon

It’s Darkblade. He took Spooon’s name and he spams me on iEra all the time saying shit like that.

It’s the butler. He took Spooon’s knife and killed me in the parlor and keeps killing me all the time like that.


:expressionless: All the Jews wanting to be me.

Spooon just really likes Era, it’s even cooler than Classic!

You’re wrong, I know who actually is. So stop fucking telling fibs

Do tell.

all the jews and all the kikes are begging to if you seek amy

What gllt said.


  1. My Friend Amy; a guy/girl named amy who is a ‘friend’.
  2. Guy Love; its guy love between Spooon/tricxta and the impostor in this case.
  3. Amy Rose; sonic character who has highly frequent love intre-- ehh I mean shipping!
  4. ???; obviously an innuendo.
  5. Profit; a gentleman’s wallet.

everything about what gllt said is an innuendo


hE shud b a lat cuz hes REAlLy gud imO

son of a bitch

I meant Starblaze… I get Bayne, Benzy, Darkblade, and Starblaze all mixed up.

Weird. I get Darkblade, Sora, and Alex all mixed up.

Weirder still, Beholder gets Downsider and Urza mixed up.

Where the hell did Alex go?

Left with everyone else.

Downsider’s a NPC scripted by Beholder.

A couple of people used to think I was Beholder. Was makes absolutely no sense however, as I either am or I am not. Hmm…

everyone thinks im qllt, gilt, and glit

i’m still waiting on qlit