okay so

i get the whole what colors make what in the map, but how do i make it more than 4 levels >.<

no matter how big i make the map it comes out as 4 lvls

im trying to make a gmap and it just doesnt wanna work

64x64 pixels is one level, I believe.

so how would i make it bigger?

do a 512x512 for just a 8 level gmap?

This is the message that was sent, some guy RazzorrMan sent it to people

obviously downsider did ):

I think he was doing it, because all you’ve done since you came here is ask for shit to be handed to you. You are annoying and worthless, and I don’t like you.

Thats cool,
and im sure if your opinion mattered to me i would be hurt,
but i am not.

im a decent Levels person,
what have i asked for in this thread?
exactly , so i ask for help with scripts and the occasional problem.
your attitude towards me doesn’t affect me in the slightest.

My attachments prove that it was not him