Old Graal

Hi everyone I’m a pretty modern graal player from around 2015 - 2019 I’ve played graal but I’ve always wondered what was the game previously like in its old days for OG players, I’ve always heard people talk about how it was better and how much more fun it was personally the only experience I’ve really had with the feeling of playing old graal online was playing a bit of unholy nation and flying around with the jetpack, joining events, and talking to players there to me personally it was more fun because it was just different than igraal the community seemed more calmer and the events seemed more fun for some reason there was also a crap ton of items and features I never saw in iClassic which is what I’ve spent most of my graal days playing anywho my point for this post is I want to hear about your experiences and highlights of the old graal days.

It’s just adults talking about the game they played when their lives didn’t suck.


What’s funny is that I played Graal exactly because my life sucked.

I’d play until 3am to spend the day at school sleeping since I had no interest or friends.

Stopped playing once I made friends at school and would have stayed away had I not fallen sick and learned programming through gscript to have something to spend my time on while being sick.

I’ll try to answer something about old Graal soonish.

Yeah I started playing the game as a getaway from some personal issues back in the day but I lost interest after everyone I basically started out with quit. Then I just started hacking with some basic cheat engine shit and developed my interest in programming with graal with a ton of help and inspiration from kamil.

Is that why you started playing too?

I played graal because it was part of my internet addiction

I played Bomber Mad and some slime puzzle game on Cyberjoueurs on my school’s LAN with friends.

It’s always been trash tbh just more pristine trash

Mostly a nostalgia thing i guess. It was SUPER glitchy back in the days. Most shit was done client-side. At the start the server would designate the first player in the level as the “leader” who’s client would process a lot of the NPC and baddy stuff. There was even this one hack that came out where you could open the level editor and change anything on the level and NPCs. The fix was to remove the level editor from the main client lol.

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I remember that hack. It was fun.

I mean, having a button that could snapshot levels wasn’t really a good idea.

Yeah, the extent of me hacking was using xspeed. Other than that, I was a GP, lol. Also I was leader of a guild named BTK.

I used to think Stefan was super knowledgeable. Now I look back and am amazed he pulled anything off at all. I hope the justification for players effectively being the server was that they couldn’t afford to do it properly…

Nah, his coding just sucked backed then. You can see it by looking through the Zelda java code and the original stolen GServer code. It’s probably improved a lot since though. These codes are 20 years old! My port i did of the GServer to windows sucked. The V2 one I did that incorporated GameMonkey was much better but still quite ugly. Wouldn’t want people to judge my coding skills from those.

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The only reason I’m still interested in Graal is because it’s so fun to hack.

can’t tell if ur sarcastic or not lmao