Online poker

Online poker is fun, I’ve just made it 3rd place on a 1$ tournament.
I took a drop yesterday but I found out it was a level up. I don’t know if anyone else has that here… you know when you understand something new or just feel different about something… like a level up. At first it’s like I’m worse at it but everything settles and I’m actually much better.

why do online gambling when you can do online stock trading?

Stock trading is very hard to do. That’s what my brother does as a living and he stressed that anyone will loose at least 50% of their initial investment at first. He’s been doing it for about 3 years and it’s starting to be profitable. He studied on the matter full time since the start and is really good at it now. It takes commitment, self-confidence and rock hard discipline. Most people don’t have the kind of tenacity required.

I’ve seen poker compared to stock trading a lot and they do have similarities but I don’t have the kind of money, time, talent, confidence and discipline required. I’d loose lots besides you need to be incorporated in case you go bankrupt and Canada taxes those gains 50% compared to 0% on poker. Directly playing with money has proven to be disastrous in my case and that’s the nail to the coffin. I only play tournaments.

No online trading. No, online poker is way easier and I’m passionate about it. I’m registering gains on my bankroll slowly but surely. Most people I talk with assume I loose money on poker and it’s not the case… after learning the basics last year and being serious about it since beginning of this month, I invested the minimal amount and carefully am spending 5% of my total bankroll at a time (poker sites say 10%).

Besides, I don’t seen poker as gambling. To me, that word sounds like only luck is in play… there’s luck, and with experience you learn to manage that luck. That management is the most important part of the game, not the luck. Therefore the outcome is not that uncertain.

my brother got addicted to online poker during college and lost over 10K. he was doing good at the beginning he says.

I’ll keep that in mind… of course if I get to higher priced tournaments, win some and then start loosing it’ll be hard to get back to lower priced tournaments.

However I’m a very minimalist person… to the extreme, some people say. I hardly spend anything and I don’t feel any need to spend. I have had credit cards and have been completely ok with them.

I did have fulled my previous credit card in the past but it was because I was living alone and my mental state wouldn’t let me get back to work, I was very crippled and it was necessary at the time. All of the spending had been put onto basic needs and very cheap food… Now it’s paid and my new credit card’s balance will never exceed the money I have because it’s how I deal with that. Besides, it’s a poor man’s credit card and blocks transactions to online Casinos.

Also, people usually get addicted to these kinds of game because of the adrenaline rush they get when both winning and losing. I can understand it happening outside of tournaments… but during tournaments losing is very deceiving and I stopped playing for a long time because I hate the feeling.

My family, who knows me best, never addressed any kind of concern with my poker playing. They know how I manage stuff.

Whatever I can say will never calm everyone and am myself very cautious and aware I can slip and start loosing lots of cash. For now, everything is ok. As long as I am surrounded by people, as I am now and trying to plan to keep it so in the future, there is no reason for me to worry. In fact, poker has been a motivation to take action over my life because it magnifies how important it is to be happy, lighthearted and have a good life hygiene. My play is closely linked to how I feel and what I think.

sounds like you are trying really hard to justify it

I have had to explain it multiple times to doubtful people so I have had multiple occasions to think about it.

That is a complete answer.

well if it makes you happy

It does… and I want to add that online trading can be addictive the same way gambling or playing poker do.