OnLive Announcement & Conference Video

Well, if you haven’t heard about onlive…It’s a new gaming system.
Well, not really a system…It compresses high quality video games to 1ms…You are able to play amazing games from EA and several publishers on a shitty computer.

Watch the video, you’ll shit your pants.

Aye, I saw this yesterday. I wonder what they’re planning to do about the bandwidth problem…

Beholders monthly bandwidth ought ta get raped if he plays this for about 2 hours.

I fear it will be the end of Gaming.
You will no longer own games, at all.

They will also nickle and dime you for this, I remember something similar with some super high-end PCs. However you had to pay fees to “unlock” portions of the system.
“Want 3.2GHz on Quad? 23 cents an hour. Want 8GB of ram? 20 more cents an hour”

So in otherwords. There will be a fee on how long to play the game, and more fees for what quality you want to be able to play the game at.

Not my thing… probably because my internet sucks. Though the low system requirements really piques my interest.

Just no.
Not ever.
Muhammad will come back riding Krishna with baby Jesus in his arms first.

Crazy shit, I think there is a bit of lag in his demo of him playing Crysis though (when he is moving the mouse)

They should also release a remote desktop application using their tech.

Gaming for the computer will always be popular. This is more or in my perspective for the high end gamer that has a little money to throw around. This is commercial gaming network server at it’s best. It’s more than likely not going to capture a big audience other than the extreme gamers. Simply put no one has money for this type of entertainment if there going to nickel and dime you but then again these people have cell phones among other things I wonder if this will have wireless capabilities for begin a bit of a bandwidth hog. This will not go to far in general but the alg for video compression may go far though for how a individual views a video, remote controls a server, maybe even play games off your own PC among other tasks.

I don’t think it’ll be the end of gaming just more innovation to reverse this technology and be able to use it on a individual level for free. In that there will be competition among other things… eventually. I think this company will flame out like did with it’s gaming services basically they had a free internet gaming service up that they were going to eventually adapt to the sega dreamcast but it never took off the ground and they actually ended up losing money. I personally believe that things can be before there times this product is before it’s time, even at that this product is pricey even if it was the time I doubt it’ll go anywhere or in that it will be limited to a particular audience.

If it worked like Steam, where you can make an account for free and when you buy a game it’s available for play on your account “forever”, this would be pretty cool. I ain’t gonna pay a monthly fee to access my games though. Plus I don’t believe internet speeds are there yet for it to be lag free.

Apparently this is for the computer as well, and will play even the better games on low-end computers due to their compression methods.

Didn’t know that I assumed there would be hardware quality issue (probably is) do to the sophistication of the compression method but they do have to appeal to a wide audience so they made some compromises to install software on winblows to sell there crap.

It’s an interesting concept.

To say the least.

I’m looking forward to seeing the months after its release. I rarely pick up new technology out-of-the-gate. It has shit-tons of potential, but they could easily “Age of Conan” the hell out of it. So, I’ll wait to see how it holds up before I get one for myself.;title;1

Seems pretty deadly. In short, a high end server runs the game for you, you recieve a video of yourself playing from the server. Then you send it input commands like mouse and keyboard. Pricing looks like it’s the same as renting it at blockbuster er something. It’s a pretty killer concept, but it sounds way to bizarre to have enough computing power to support all the players that would logon.

Maybe if they custom built the servers to tailor to specific games? like monster arcade machines, that would be unpractical to buy yourself, but beneficial to the masses? … or not. Either it’ll blossom or tank

That’s why I have the distinct feeling it’s going to cost a ton. But on the other hand, We’ve never seen anything like this…and…they have even made HARDWARE just for this. So, We’ll see how it works out.