Open Source Graal Editor


I chanced upon this in my daily google of graal source code (one day I WILL get Mr Knorr’s CVS :p)

It looks kinda cool

tried it already. It’s decent. Needs some work. Development has stopped though.

So i don’t have to faff compiling it for FreeBSD, what format are the maps in (.graal or .nw)?

Also… Are u sure development has stopped? The last sub version entry was in December 11, 2008. Perhaps he is just having a long nap?

Maps can be in both .graal or .nw

I probably wouldn’t bother with that editor, though. Graal already has a stand-alone, but my beef with it is the major cache problems. I tried using that open-source editor, at one point, and I just wasn’t very fond of it.

However, if GR took that code and built its own (while actually attempting to fix any issues), I don’t see any reason not to.

Well, development might have continued, I haven’t seen any new releases in a while though. I hang out in their chat, and they haven’t talke in there for a while.


Let’s wait till January. If there are no updates whatsoever through that whole month, it’s clear that they’ve stopped working on it. I’ll also enter their chat and try to check out what’s up.

What does official Graal use for editing these days? I’ve heard of some online editor before, but never seen any screens of what that looks like or found much info about how it works. Do they really still use the official offline editor that hasn’t been updated since the 2.0 days? I mean, I know it still works fine, even in Vista, but it seems like there must be something new out there.

I think you have to purchase the level editor for latest graal version.

why bother with it anyway? we use 2.17, we use the level editor in the 2.17 client…any scripts made with newest level editor have a high chance of not working because of difference in scripting language and such…
if you wanna make levels for graal reborn, use the offline editor in 2.17 like the rest of us.

Lmfao, Stefan must be trying to kill it, they couldn’t get anything done when it was free. But seriously I only have two complaints about 2.17, those being that it would be easier to edit levels if you could move the tabs around. And if you edit multiple levels, then play it sometimes undoes changes. Only had that happen a couple times though.

gotta save the level your working on before going to work on another…most of the time the only thing not saved in that occurance are updates to the links…

You don’t have to purchase the editor O.o and most servers have an “online tile editor” because someone made a scripted tile editor and put it on the forums. It’s like the public one on N-Pulse.

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There is also a script that places NPCs and uses classes for the scripts.