[OT] Tweaking the Moderation

[CENTER]Alrighty lets all start to act our age. Most of us have been here for about a few years. Others for a decade. I’m going to act like beholder act(Hes my Idol :O) . I would like to say though. I think only small jokes are ok but the flame wars have to stop. You are scaring new players from joining the community.
Spooon you did tempt loaksy to make those complaints by screaming that hes MysticNinja. I may not know what actually happened but its not worth it to fill the forum up with shit. Have Dignity. Anyways, speaking on my behalve im going to act more mature for the forum and my dignity.[/CENTER]

Centering your text didn’t help your point in the slightest, in fact, it makes me want to not read everything you said.

[LEFT]awwww cute but
,who are you again?[/LEFT]

Your social equal o_o

lol no comment