Packet Crash

Alright, my_tea_4 and I are working on getting a version of the 2004 classic up, we’re having some trouble though.

We’ve narrowed it down to one of the system scripts, but nothing seems to be out of the ordinary.

When two players are in the same level, the gserver cashes with this error:

"unknown player packet: 154 ()
ba 00 21 47


Edit: This happened on both 0.12 and 0.13(svn)

We’re both using client 2.2.2, no npcs-server.


Update: With the latest SVN Rev, we get no error at all now, It just crashes. Would it be helpful to post the windows bug report?

Fun fact: I could not reproduce the crash on my vista machine.

What program do you suggest using to get dump information?

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This keeps getting more interesting. On a third computer, I crash with this error:

[Hack] kalzor attempted to view the account listing.

Thing is, I didn’t. What’s setting this off?

Edit: This only happens when I warp to people.
Second Edit: Now when two players are together it’s just closing with no error at all, I’ll try to find the dump files, but since it’s not technically crashing I don’t think there are any.

two characters

Same crash, no error in the window. Dr. Watson attached

unknown Player Packet: 126 ()
9e 00 20 76

this is fun!

After a lot of tedious testing, i found the bad one. The .txt is in the folderconfig, in folder Texts

In *Bomb Bag

if (timeout) { setstring this.temp,#P(2); if (!strequals(#I(this.temp,0),#v(playerfullhearts)) || !strequals(#I(this.temp,1),#v(playerrupees))){ putnpc block.png,scanplayers.txt,playerx,playery; timeout = 0.05; } }

The scanplayers.txt

[CODE]if (playerenters) {
if (!strequals(#I(this.temp,0),#v(playerfullhearts)) ||
!strequals(#I(this.temp,1),#v(playerbombs)) ||
!strequals(#I(this.temp,2),#v(playerdarts))) setplayerprop #P2,#v(playerfullhearts),#v(playerbombs),#v(playerdarts);


Level attached.

What da fuck was someone trying to accomplish with that.

My thoughts exactly.

When I first looked at it, I thought it was some sort of “putnpc spawning a putnpc” on a 0.5 timeout. o_o