Packet Issue?

I noticed in my GServer log, this keeps happening

Unknown Player Packet: 43 ( &!)
4b 28 26 21

What is packet 43? What does it do?

I love logic ;D

If you can find something that’s reproducing the error, we could find out and map it to what its supposed to go to.
If all of the packet 43 outputs look similar, we might be onto something. Otherwise, just might be another parser overflow.

Exactly. Packet 43 current doesn’t have anything assigned to it.

PLI_SHOOT		= 40,
PLI_UNKNOWN46		= 46,	// Always is 1.  Related to gmaps.
PLI_UNKNOWN47		= 47,	// Seems to tell the server the modTime of update files.  Used for client updates.

As you can see, we are missing packets. 43 just so happens to be one of the missing packets. If you can figure out what is causing packet 43 to trigger, be it from a certain script or action or configuration on your server, it would be very helpful.

Those are hex values. Graal adds 32 (hex 20) to numbers before it sends them. So, the first number is 4b - 20 = 2b (dec 43).

The other bytes, in decimal, are:
8 6 1

Can you think of anything that would pass those specific values?

Marking this as resolved as nothing new has come up.