Particle Effects

Ever since i found out about graal and started deving I always wondered exactly what are particle effects and how do you make them. Can someone please tell me where I can find a tutorial on particle effects?


im asking for help not comments

Just saying. If you use them don’t “overuse” them. The lag will SUCK.


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Whoever disabled the search function should immediately fix it so tricxta isn’t forced to start new threads.

i searched for particle effects and nothing came up… :frowning: now can someone please help???

You can try searching more than once with different terms. You’ll find the internet more useful as you work to improve on your search technique.

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It’s like having god mode in the library dammit

Good Luck…

Good job Urza.

Prolly has light effects turned off or something…

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In that post I was informing Urza that you required further assistance. If you want to bitch about trolling you should fly with the dogbert post?

Remember my warning.

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I like how my thread showed up from mentioning particles once.

Now to my main point. He asked for a tutorial. That’s just a specific script with a specific image. How does that answer the tutorial question?
Sure he could reverse engineer the script, tinkering with it til’ it did what he wanted, but it’s far easier to gain the knowledge from a tutorial that explains the functions, blah, blah. The reactions with certain inputs and other things. Too bad Shakaraja didn’t release a graal light tutorial.
I went all over Google Tricx and only found junk. Try to google yourself, you’ll have better luck maybe. :stuck_out_tongue:

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We’re talking about a kid who bypasses commands.rtf and comes here to ask about even the most basic functions.

I’m not talking about his past threads. I’m talking about this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll quit spamming this thread now since I don’t have a tutorial or even the foggiest idea.
I just know the basics like setting dusk to dawn, or some other type of color effect.