personal opinions of each other


Spooon is homosexual pedophile.

In other news today. glit is rather neat also.


I’m not homosexual.


Well you only sleep with little boys.

Spooon’s ok when he’s not posting on the forums and working on his server.


It’s true, he has a wife.

Also thanks Chicken but… if you could just spell my name right.

I feel trolled.


Honestly I’ve been saying your name like that for so long I prefer it like that. Haha. I never noticed until you just pointed it out.



I’ve only pointed it out so many times rofl

gee ell ell tee


Jeshua Vaughn Gollott


I don’t actually think you’re a pedo Spooon, but you are a faggot the majority of the time to people. I find it amusing, but like to be a prick to you because of it. It makes forum/game life amusing. I think it all started when I ripped you in the spar arena. Can I just keep calling you glit? it reminds me of glitter / fairy dust.


okay sure

I mean glitter yeah





Pretty sure you’re retarded. A 28 year old messing with a teenager, what a riveting adventure! I wonder where you spend your time.



kondies better then a 2 year old holding a grudge. 2 years old probably cant even comprehend most situations. How does feel having a huge hole poked in your logic? Also dw riley I still love you :mybad:


Tell me something can 2 year old kids plot vengeful plots to get back at someone they dont like?


why cant everyoen be furies


i never saw anywhere that donkeys were bad
i like donkeys


Not sure why my post was deleted. I don’t really care for stopping this internet dispute, as it doesn’t effect me in real life, or change how I feel at all. One of the good things about being self-supportive of self-esteem. Not to mention the fact that this isn’t the first time I’ve had an argument with someone over the internet. If Riley feels he must argue/pick on someone 15 years younger than him, then let it be. I will continue to reply to his posts, as he continues to reply to mine.

Once again, another sign of immaturity. You really need to stop talking about me when you are no better yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:


Once again, the one who stops it.
So far: neither???

also i wouldn’t ever be an animal
sure a donkey is cool they are cute
im a dog though barkwoof

deal w it


I’m so happy for Darkblade and CrossFire! They got married!