personal opinions of each other


Nah, plenty of straight furries. Also I don’t know that twiggy IS a furry.

I was just about to post how I have no murry purry gay furry friend here too!


I’m anything but gay, trust me ;D I love q-ti girlies especially short girlies :> My ex was 4"8 <3 she was so cute :smiley: this girl is 5"2 :< I’m 5"9 >:|

But furry, perhaps O:

But yeah D: BONDAGE HOW DUS THAT WURK :< She made mai lip bleed >:| and mah back has like scratches n shit P: n bleed o;

Oh well :] Life is life, but I was drunk :< Really drunk :o Four loco and mickeys :o

It was intense as hell. Las Vegas has problems during night events.

My opinions:

Gllt: You make this forum shine with humor and sense x]
Downsider: I think I saw you on Jersey shore :<
Beholder: Where did ya go?
Trixcta: What have you BECOME!?
Spooon: Y so mad 24/7
The rest: Sure.


I’m not! D:


The muffin man. If I find a bad muffin I bust it. If I find a good muffin I eat it.


Twiggy is a ladies man!! and a cool guy :] and tricxta you remind me of having a little brother except you are like not that much younger than me if at all and I don’t necessarily think down on you I just WORRY about you

opshon blows whale chunks hhahhahahaaaaaa aw yeah

Spooon is a cool friend and I respect him like family a bit (you have no idea about my family so i wouldn’t try to relate it to ~~ your experiences with family ~~ thank you)

i really like beholder, cadavre, and nalin
they all seem relatively cool especially beholder, cadavre is talented and nalin has waffles omg

downsider is a p cool guy i like him

urza and variousweapons and kalzor are some baus ass nigas i aint even kiddin

other people: sigh

you have the right to appeal this post if i misrepresent you in any way because i am kinda stoned

ps i got the key to my house today motherfuckers i have my OWN HOOOMEEE


Not suprised.


Surprised. You know, you’re capable of being someone I could like.
That’s about the only thing I admire is that you don’t give a fuck what I think.
Sometimes you do a bad job at sounding like it though looool

edit; If you just used spell check when you’re trying to sound credible I might believe it more.


I like gllt tricxta kondie onijustin and riley and some other people

I dont like blaze or crossfire

Oh and spooons cool

i think opshons posts are fun to read


Fun Fact: Did you know that you can use to get on YouTube?


bass terds… I feel the same way…






i still like all the people i said in my first post


I like everyone mainly :slight_smile:

I just use to be an angry bastard and take everything the wrong way ahha :smiley:


I think kondie, gllt, and twiggy are cool people, opshon in my opinion could be a good person if he wasn’t so ignorant. Nalin, Downsider, Beholder and Shiny are all amazing people and too them I give massive respect. Urza, Kalzor and V.W. are each amazing in there own ways. Benjiro, Darkblade, Crossfire and a few other iNoobs are just annoying but can be ok if they actually try… Alex is alright and has much potential aaaand the rest of you are alright as well. And spooon is just… Spooon and always will be Spooon (demanding, threatening in a funny way and a good advice giver when he wants to be).


you forgot jatz



He’s my playmate.


Soz you dont stand out as much, you either got to be amazing or just annoying as shit


Just amazing will do.