personal opinions of each other






nupp, you killed it.


dayum right


Herp Derp



I like the Mollusk.

I think he is a swell fellow.


me too


I like The Mollusk too but gllt is a faggot.


the only oppion i have is that benjiro should take a long walk off a short pier. (anyways… moving on)


i have balls


cool story benjiro

actually i lied

its not


I’ll move to Paris, shoot some heroin, and fuck with the stars.


I’m starting to think DarkBlade is okay, but he is still trolling Benjiro, haha.


im starting to hate benjiro, hes trolling me and my server, and i wanna punch the shit out of him for that



me trolling the iphone noob?! he just plain hates me, anyway back to scripting…



Shorty = Girlfriend in fail wanna gangsta that is a whiteboi


worst graal reborn forum user EVER

i actually like opshon and respect him compared to benjiro

i mean opshon might confuse me with spelling and grammar but I get what he’s saying and he’s a formidable opponent



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btw darkblade is necropollic


i do not want to know