personal opinions of each other


when i was 9 i had mah first love but now she is a fucking whore


misc isn’t actually my responsibility it’s just my privilege or gift or whatever its cool if i lose it oh well that was short

it would be my responsibility if the others could agree upon, establish, and publish a standard for misc which would still probably be pretty ~low~

anyhow my new solution: ignore benjiro
no literally i have just decided to stop caring about your posts


Stop trolling Benjiro…




___Merged doublepost__________________

how old is benjiro?


I beleave he is 12…


Wasn’t trying to make him say anything, was just trying to make a suggestion.


im done dealing with benjiro, im just going to accnore him


yer I’ve said that myself as well. Doesnt happen…



i think we need a party (lets pick a server for a party on/celerbrate on)


Alex’s server


How about Bomber?


sounds good. have everyone meet on bomber, for a party sometime this weekend?

___Merged doublepost__________________

ps my avatar is my graal character



Darkblade is english your second language?


engwish is my 4ed and a halfth lenguange


Shut up.


I like Spooon,
he is a swell guy


I hate Benjiro,
he’s a retard.